Chicago 1930

Chicago 1930 1.0

Live the prohibition


  • Great story and setting
  • Graphics
  • RTS style
  • Playability


  • No in-game map view
  • Can't see what item is selected


Chicago 1930 is a thrilling real time strategy game taking place during the prohibition. We liked the whole background story to the game, with two alternatives depending on whether you're on the Mafia or Police side. The graphics and levels, abandoned wasteyards, brick factories and basements bring back memories of old gangster movies.

The game play itself is reminiscent of other real time strategy games like Red Alert. Choose your team members wisely based on the mission type and their own profiles, arm them with the right weapons and then guide them through the mission. Although we were disappointed not to find an in-game map view and often got lost as to what weapon was selected, the game offers good playability, with dragging and dropping being the best way to move your team around.

The blend of mobster themes and strategy features make Chicago 1930 a very exciting and original title for Mac.

This real time-tactic-game called “Chicago 1930” captivates you to the time of prohibition, when the battle between police and mafia saw its golden age.
Chicago 1930 impresses with very detailed and varying backdrops offering dark courtyards and dubious brothels as well as monumental buildings of large towns. Embedded in the atmosphere of mafia-like activity as well as the style of the thirties, you have to succeed in procuring the leadership of the city to “your” side, always being conscious about possible ambushes.

Besides you have the choice between mafia and police. This decision influences the game play crucially:
With the police it is your job to clear up crimes at the scene of their happening, as well as protecting important persons from crooks or busting mafia-gangs. You have to track down and interrogate witnesses and collect information in order to finally get onto the mafia as a result from your razor-sharp considerations. It often comes down to a spectacular showdown, when the criminals are hunted down at last and defend themselves with baseball bats, shotguns as well as Tommy-guns.

You have to respond to a totally different challenge in the mafia campaign: Compelling arguments as well as hard words are required, not only to assert yourself against the police, but also against competing gangs.

However, acting circumspectly is necessary as well: you have to silence passer-bys as they have become witnesses of your abominations. You also have to think about tactics and ambushes for superior gangs and by doing so you always need to have your sympathy in the population in your eye.
Strategy is what is asked for!

Every district offers you new opportunities and resources like arms stores and practice establishments. The consistent story instantly transfers you into the role of the person pulling the strings. The characters being commanded by you are capable of improving their abilities as they game goes on. Ensure they become a team of specialists so you can keep up your chances as the battle about Chicago becomes harder consistently. Therefore smart planning and tactics are an assumption for the choice, assignments and the equipment of the up to five characters per mission.

Chicago 1930


Chicago 1930 1.0

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